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CNC Metal Spinning Machine
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CNC Metal Spinning Machines

Leichman is a professional metal spinning machine manufacturer and supplier, offering high precision CNC metal spinning machines to provide your metal forming operation with versatility and increase production benefit. All of the standard models of metal spinning machines are designed and manufactured with heave-duty, robust design to gurantee the trouble-free operation.

Advantages of LeichMan CNC Metal Spinning Machines:

●Exceptional Production Efficiency:

LeichMan CNC metal spinning machines excel in production efficiency, offering a rapid and streamlined manufacturing process. Their advanced features enable the efficient completion of complex shapes, including horn, bucket, cone types, and parabolic products.

●Versatile Multi-Processing Capability:

LeichMan's machines are designed with versatility in mind, allowing seamless execution of multiple processes on a single machine tool. This includes threading, trimming, flanging, and rolling, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse metal spinning requirements.

●Material Flexibility:

LeichMan CNC metal spinning machines are engineered to work with a broad range of materials, including steel, alloy, and copper. This versatility allows manufacturers to adapt to different project requirements and material specifications with ease.

●Advanced Digital Control Technology:

LeichMan's machines leverage advanced digital control technology, addressing the traditional challenge of a lack of skilled workers. The integration of digital controls makes the machines easy to operate while ensuring precise and consistent results.

●User-Friendly Operation:

LeichMan prioritizes user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, making their CNC metal spinning machines easy to operate. This design reduces the learning curve for operators, contributing to increased efficiency on the shop floor.

●Improved Production Efficiency:

The integration of advanced technology in LeichMan's CNC metal spinning machines significantly enhances overall production efficiency. Automated processes reduce cycle times, increase throughput, and contribute to the overall speed of manufacturing operations.

●Enhanced Machining Accuracy:

LeichMan CNC metal spinning machines deliver exceptional precision in metal shaping. The advanced control systems ensure consistent and accurate results, meeting tight tolerances and stringent quality standards required in various industries.

●Cost-Efficient Solution for Human Resources:

LeichMan's CNC metal spinning machines address the traditional problem of a lack of skilled workers through automation. This not only improves production efficiency but also results in substantial cost savings in human resources, making them an economically viable solution.

●Ideal for Diverse Industries:

LeichMan's CNC metal spinning machines find application across a spectrum of industries, including light manufacturing, automotive, military, and mechanical sectors. Their adaptability, efficiency, and precision make them the ideal choice for various manufacturing needs.

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Leichman also designs and builds custom CNC metal spinning machine and equipment for special applications. The functions and system can be engineered and built into to meet the cusotmization requirements. All metal spinning machines are designed and built utilizing advanced CNC programming software and the latest Siemens control systems or control systems from Taiwan. Contact us to get CNC metal spinning machine price.

CNC Metal Spinning Machines

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