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Common problems and solutions of spinning machines

Pulished on Mar. 05, 2020

I. How to solve the top reasons of the spin of the spinning machine?

The tail top of spinning machine is prone to run out. The following are the major reasons for the run out of the machine tool tail and the corresponding solutions.

1. Misoperation of the machine tool, the cutter wheel hit the tail shaft, which caused the tail shaft to deform.

2. Accuracy of tail top and tail top shaft is not high enough.

3. The tail shaft bearing is worn and damaged. There will be abnormal noise when the tail shaft rotates.

4. Spindle mold and flange assembly accuracy is not good, driving tail top beat.


II. What is the impact of spinning machine tail top beating on spinning products?

The beating of the top of the spinning machine will have a certain impact on the spinning molding, mainly due to the following factors:

1. Stainless steel due to the poor elongation rate of the material and the large force, when the tail top beats, the root will break due to the uneven force of the material.

2. The hardness of aluminum is small, and the bottom of the product will be scratched due to the bounce of the tail.

3. The beating of the tail top will cause insufficient contact area between the blank and the tail top, and the spinning force will cause the blank to move.

4. The tail top run out will affect the dimensional accuracy of the product after molding, and the diameter accuracy of the bottom of the product will become worse.


III. The main reasons for the main shaft of the spinning machine stuck

1. The spinning mold has not lost weight, and the quality of the mold is too large.

2. The belt used by the spindle motor becomes loose for too long. Tighten the pretension.

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