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How to Demold the CNC Spinning?

Pulished on May. 19, 2020

As a Metal Spinning Machine Manufacturer, share with you. CNC spinning often requires a spinning mold. After the product is formed, the spinning product will be close to the mold. Sometimes it will be difficult to remove the product from the mold, which greatly reduces the production efficiency of the product, so the sheet material is rotated. It is necessary to consider the problem of demoulding for compression, and several demolding methods will be introduced in detail below.

Metal Spinning Machine

Metal Spinning Machine

1. Design thrust mold

For some spin-processed products with high product height, air pressure demolding will be difficult. So usually we can make an inlay mold in the spindle mold, and the other side of the inlay mold is connected with a rotary oil cylinder. When the product is finished spinning, the extension of the rotary oil cylinder and the tail top mold will drive the product to demold smoothly. The specific structure diagram is as follows.

2. Design mold release

For some special-shaped products, we usually design three types of spinning molds for demolding, one is combined split mold, the second is petal mold, and the third is eccentric mold. The mold 1 and the mold 2 are matched through the hole shaft. When the product is spinning, the bottom is cut with a turning tool, and the mold 2 and the spinning product can be separated from the mold 1 together.

3. Air pressure demoulding

Air pressure demolding is an economical and simple demolding method commonly used in spinning. The specific demolding structure principle is shown in the figure below. The CNC spinning machine connects a gas pipe to the spindle mold. When the gas pipe is pressurized, the air in the blow hole The pressure is greater than the pressure outside the mold. When the product is finished spinning, the tail top leaves the spindle mold. The pressure difference between the inside and outside will make the spinning product detach from the mold smoothly, but the air pressure should be adjusted within a reasonable range. The pressure is too small. If the demoulding is not smooth and the air pressure is too high, the product will fly out of the mold and be injured.

4. Design of mold release angle for spinning mold

When the product conditions permit, designing a certain demold angle will help the product detach from the mold.

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