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Several Matters Needing Attention in the CNC Spinning Process

Pulished on Jul. 10, 2020

Heating spinning is often used for products with too thick blanks or materials that are prone to cold work hardening. Through heating treatment, the tensile strength of the blank is reduced, and cold work hardening. The flow of the blank during the forming process is smoother. The following is the hot spinning process Several important matters to note:

1. Close the machine shield

Due to the heat treatment in the product forming process of hot spinning, the material will break when the material is rotated at a high speed. In order to prevent the material from flying out of the machine tool and causing danger to the processing personnel, it is necessary to close the protective cover during the production process.

2. Asbestos gloves are required for loading and unloading

Because the hot-spinner products, molds, and cutter wheels are in a high-temperature state, asbestos gloves should be worn to insulate during loading and unloading to avoid arm burns.

3. Isolate and place the processed products

Because the product is at a high temperature after hot spinning, the product needs a certain time to cool, and it needs to be placed neatly and neatly to prevent the product from being burned.

CNC Spinning

Estimation of the diameter of the blank for spinning

How to estimate the diameter of the material sheet for spinning, and master a good method can effectively make an accurate quotation budget.

The blank quality is theoretically equal to the quality of the spinning product plus the loss during processing. As:

Material weight = spinning product weight + trimming loss + bottoming loss (cutting the weight of the bottom material)

Trimming loss = weight of spinning product * 1%

Cutting loss = √ ̄πr²tp

Material diameter=2* Material quality/pπt

Note: t is the material thickness and p is the material density.

The quality of the spinning product can be weighed directly or measured using 3D modeling.

The above information provided by metal spinning lathe manufacturer.

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