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The Principle and Method of Demolding of Spinning Products

Pulished on Jul. 16, 2020

Normally, CNC spinning products adopt air pressure demolding. After the product is processed, the machine tool releases gas through the blowholes to form a certain air pressure in the spinning mold. Then, after the tail top is released, the product will lose the thrust effect of the tail top. The air pressure accumulated in the air hole is larger than the external air pressure of the product, and the air pressure thrust will easily cause the spinning product to separate from the mold.

1. Several factors affecting the release of spinning products

1) Air pressure: Adjust the appropriate air pressure to control the strength of demoulding to prevent the product from flying out and hitting the machine to cause damage.

2) Sticky material: long-term mass production will cause the temperature of the mold and cutter wheel to rise because the melting point of aluminum is low,

The product is easy to stick with the mold and affect the product demolding. Before the product is processed, apply some butter to the outer wall of the mold to facilitate the demolding of the product.

2. Demoulding method of barrel spinning products

Straight barrel products are generally very high. When the material and the mold are close to each other, it is difficult for the air pressure to make the product demold smoothly. If conditions permit, a certain demold angle can be designed on the mold. Or design a demoulding thrust mechanism in the spinning mold.

CNC Spinning

Spinning processing often has solutions for returning materials

1. Reasons for material rejection in the spinning process

1) The gap between the cutter wheel and the mold is too small during strong rotation, causing part of the material to flow toward the tail top.

2) The hydraulic jacking force of the tail top is too small, and the retreating force of the material is greater than the thrust of the tail top.

3) Too much back-cutting on the forming tool path causes too much material to flow toward the tail top.

2. When there is a return of spinning forming, you can judge from the following aspects:

1) The tail end of the product will exceed the flat surface where the top of the tail and the material stick tightly.

2) There will be a certain gap between the end of the product and the end of the mold.

3) The rear end of the product may have uneven protrusions locally.

According to the above-mentioned phenomenon of material return to analyze the specific cause of material return, the problem of spinning material return can be solved.

The above information is provided by the CNC spinning machine manufacturer.

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