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Turning and Milling CNC Lathe
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Turning and Milling CNC Lathe

The hard rail CNC lathe optimizes the main unit structure through structural analysis, and by reducing the height of the equipment, it can maintain the dynamic rigidity of the bed during heavy cutting. High-strength HT300 cast iron one-piece strong structure bed. Medium-frequency hardened rectangular guide rails (52-54°), one-time clamping and precision grinding, special wear-resistant sheets for skateboards, precision matching through manual scraping, bearing seats and motor seats are all scraped and inlaid. In addition, the YH-750H series adopts a 30-degree inclined bed, which greatly improves its processing stability and precision retention. Independent integrated cutting fluid tank The coolant tank is installed in front of the bed to prevent leakage and maintain stable cooling by using high-power coolant.

Product Description



Main parametersSwing over bed730mm
Max processing diameter610mm
Max diameter on the slide430mm
Max processing length740/1040/1600/2200/3300mm
Spindle and chuckSpindle head type (chuck)A2-8(10")A2-11(12")A2-15(15")
Spindle motor power (rated)22kw(First match the gear box)
Spindle maximum speed2800rpm/1800rpm
Ⅰ Axes 1 : 1.4(535-1800)
Ⅱ Axes 1 : 5.6(125-750)
Ⅲ Axes 1 : 15.4(45-508)
Spindle hole diameter82mm/105mm/130mm
Bar diameter75mm/90mm/117mm
FeedingX/Z axis lead screw specifications4008/5010   4008/6310(3 meters)
X axis limit travel330mm
X/Z axis motor torque30N.M
Z axis limit travel750/110/1660/2300/3400mm
X/Z axis connection methodDirect
PrecisonProcessing accuracyIT6
Repeat positioning accuracy0.003mm
Servo turretServo turretNC125-V12-440
Turret center height125mm
Tool size32*32
Boring tool holder size50mm
TailstockSleeve diameterStandard 100mm(130 Built-in swivel)
Sleeve stroke80mm
Tailstock maximum stroke650mm/800mm/1100mm/1900mm/2600mm
Sleeve taper holeMohs #5

Bed shape and slope




System standard: FANUC OI TF PLUS



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