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Stainless steel venturi spinning case

Product name: Venturi tube

Product material: stainless steel 304

Application field: Venturi tube is an accessory used in dust removal equipment.

Spinning advantage: When the height of the Venturi tube exceeds a certain value, stretching cannot be formed, and CNC spinning can be used to form it.


Difficulties of CNC Spinning Venturi

The properties of Venturi tubes are generally more complicated. If stainless steel is used as the material of Venturi tubes, the spinning process is easy to crack. The use of CNC spinners to process Venturi tubes requires high rigidity of the equipment, and the technical level of the spinning process is also very important. The following describes some processing problems and solutions based on Venturi tubes.

① Material selection: Stainless steel 304 is sold by many manufacturers. The tensile properties of materials provided by different manufacturers are also different.

② Rotary cracking: adjust the spinning knife path to overcome the material cracking caused by multiple stretching.

③Flatness of the flange: This is an important requirement of a venturi, and the angle of the flange surface of the mold can be adjusted to overcome the stress rebound of the material.

Stainless steel venturi spinning case

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