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Gang Type CNC Lathe
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At Leichman, we provide cutting-edge solutions for precision machining with our offerings, spanning from Swiss Type CNC Lathes(Swiss Type CNC Lathes and CNC Gang Tool Lathes represent distinct lathe configurations, each offering specialized features for precision machining in different industrial applications.) to CNC Gang Tool Lathes. Elevate your manufacturing capabilities with our advanced technologies, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and innovation in every turn. Start Our First Cooperation!

Gang Tool Lathes

Leichman CNC Gang tool Lathes, also called gang style CNC lathe, feature gang type structure with options for inclined bed structure design 30°(CK46 series) / 45°(CK36 series). Gang tool CNC Lathe helps speed up machining by reducing tool change time and boosting efficiency. And the extraordinary precision of these gang type CNC lathes can much improve productivity. Welcome to contact us for custom CNC gang tool lathes for your applications.

Gang Style CNC Lathes

Swiss Type CNC Lathes: An Overview

What are Swiss Type CNC Lathes?

Swiss type CNC lathes, also known as sliding headstock lathes, are a type of precision lathe designed for small and intricate parts. They excel in turning and milling operations, making them suitable for the production of complex components.

Features of Swiss Type CNC Lathes

Swiss type lathes are characterized by their sliding headstock, which provides excellent support for long and slender workpieces. They also feature multiple tool stations, live tooling, and guide bushings, enhancing their versatility.


These lathes are commonly used in industries such as aerospace, medical device manufacturing, and watchmaking, where precision and intricacy are paramount.

1. Aerospace Industry

Swiss type lathes are extensively used in the aerospace industry for producing precision components like fasteners and connectors.

2.Medical Device Manufacturing

In medical device manufacturing, these lathes are crucial for creating small, intricate parts used in medical equipment.


The intricate and precise nature of watch components makes Swiss type lathes indispensable in watchmaking.


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