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Features and advantages of Turning and Milling CNC Lathe

Pulished on Mar. 09, 2024

Turning and Milling CNC Lathe refers to that can perform both turning and milling operations, and can be used as both a lathe and a milling machine. Turning and milling machines were first used to process propellers, mainly to avoid the loss of accuracy and benchmarks caused by secondary clamping.

CNC turning and milling lathe machine is one of the main types of compound processing machine tools. In addition to having the functions of CNC lathes, they can also complete plane milling, drilling, tapping, straight grooves, spiral grooves and gear milling, etc. With turning, milling and composite functions such as boring can realize the processing concept of one-time clamping and complete completion. It is one of the most rapidly developing processing methods in recent years.


Generally, Turning and Milling CNC Lathe machine have the following two characteristics:

1. The spindle motor uses a servo motor, and the rotational motion of the spindle and the feed motion can be linked.

2. In addition to turret tool holder of CNC lathe, it must also be equipped with at least a power tool, or an independent power tool holder.

 Features and advantages of Turning and Milling CNC Lathe

Turning and Milling CNC Lathe also has the following advantages:

The CNC turning and milling center can be installed with a variety of special tools. The new tool arrangement reduces tool changing time and improves processing efficiency. It can complete all or most of the processing procedures in one clamping, thus greatly shortening the product manufacturing process chain.

This not only reduces the production auxiliary time caused by changes in fixture installation, but also reduces the tooling fixture manufacturing cycle and waiting time, which can significantly improve production efficiency.

It can also reduce the number of clamping times and improve processing accuracy. 

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