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Photographing the newly completed machine LK-DS15P

Pulished on Jan. 19, 2024

The photography team went to the factory to take photos of the Parallel Dual Spindle CNC Turning Center model LK-DS15P.

This machine is designed for Automated precision machining, INFROTRONIC Dual spindle CNC turning center, using advanced parallel double spindle double turret structure and high speed gantry loader and auto stocker, provide the auto-loading, frony and back side, outer and inner diameter and milling option machining and output parts complying with even CPK requirements in one machine.

The maximum speed of the spindle can reach 5000rpm.

Parallel Dual spindle design, effectively reduce turret interference, ergonomic space layout.

Equipeed with milling options, C axis available, turning, milling, drilling functions integrated in one machine.

Photographing the newly completed machine LK-DS15P

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