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Why is Spinning Machine For Metal Environmentally Friendly?

Pulished on Apr. 07, 2020

As a Spinning Machine For Metal Manufacturer, share with you. The development of science and technology is very rapid now, and people's living standards are constantly improving. Now more and more cities will incorporate finished products made by metal spinning processing. It can be said that spinning processing is affecting people's lives. For example, the city's road lamps and patio poles are required to use the spinning process, which is due to the fact that the quality aluminum tubes are not rusted. High-quality aluminum alloy building profiles to ensure the corrosion resistance of products in natural environments.

Spinning Machine For Metal

Spinning Machine For Metal

The quality of the aluminum alloy pole produced by the spinning process is very good. Aluminum alloy light pole is based on the characteristics of high strength and light weight of aluminum. Light poles of the same specifications, aluminum poles are only one-third the weight of iron poles; more convenient to install and transport; the surface is clean and flawless. Using high-quality aluminum tubes as raw materials, the surface of the light pole is smooth and delicate, and the metal color of the aluminum alloy is perfect. The surface is easy to handle, and the anodized aluminum alloy lamp post forms 20 mother closed film layers to ensure that the lamp post under any natural environment is resistant to corrosion and does not change color, ensuring the pole body for 25 years. And the recyclability of the rod body reaches 100%, the melting temperature is low, energy saving and emission reduction. This product can be said to be permanent and will not rust. The diversification of surface treatment technology makes the appearance of lines simple and smooth.

The solution uses industrial aluminum alloy and other diameter tubes as raw materials. It adopts full CNC rotation technology and is easy to operate. After CNC spinning, the material is extruded to further improve the overall strength and service life of CNC spinning.

The spinning process market has been put into production since the emergence of the CNC spinning machine, and its effect is also very significant. The quality of the finished products of the CNC spinning process is also very high quality and stable. Press for processing and production.

Movement Principle of Spinning Machine For Metal

The principle of motion is to provide clamping force through the tail top, driving the material piece to rotate with the main shaft. The cutter wheel allows the material piece to extend from point to line and line to surface according to a predetermined tool path, and then formed. The difference is that the CNC spinning machine is controlled by the CNC machine tool to control the path of the cutter wheel during the spinning forming process, and the clearance between the cutter wheel and the mold. CNC machine tools have high running accuracy, good equipment rigidity, and large processing power, so the manufactured products are of excellent quality and stability, and have good control over product accuracy.

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