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What are the Control Methods for CNC Spinning?

Pulished on Jun. 03, 2020

As a Spinning Metal Machine Manufacturer, share with you. Regardless of which control method is used for CNC spinning, the determination and delivery of the spinning wheel passes largely depend on the skilled skills of the operator. Therefore, CNC automatic programming technology will be an important research topic in the future. It should be possible to enter only the shape of the workpiece, the program automatically enters the spinning toolpath, and the shape, size and shape of the workpiece can determine and input the number of turns. It can spin out qualified products. The application of CNC technology in the spinning machine can be said to have the following effects to a certain extent, that is, shorten the preparation time and processing time, can adapt to changes in processing conditions, improve repeat processing accuracy.

Spinning Machine For Metal

Spinning Machine For Metal

The so-called metal spinning process is to fix the blank of the metal material on the spinning die, apply pressure and perform further processing. The rotary machine tool here is the same as the ordinary machine tool. During the processing process, because it is a metal material, the pressure is definitely different from the general material. CNC spinning here needs to stipulate the different pressure conditions required in each place according to the shape and size of the product.

The hardness of general materials may differ greatly from that of metals. Here, the rotating molds required may be different. The market price of rotating dies with different materials is different according to their pressure. Therefore, the price of metal spinning processing is generally different from that of general materials in rotating dies. Then there must be a certain gap in the overall processing cost. CNC spinning, therefore, the difference in materials may lead to great differences in processing prices.

What are the hazards of Metal Spinning Machine if not maintained?

1. The bearings of the main motor of the CNC air compressor are occasionally greased: the bearings wear until the main motor burns out. Users who have replaced the permanent magnet inverter CNC air compressor do not need to add it. Because the permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor is an integral shaft structure, there is no bearing.

2. Unscheduled dust blowing and replacement of the air filter element of the CNC air compressor will cause: the air filter element is clogged, the intake air volume is reduced, and the exhaust air volume is also reduced. Unscheduled replacement will cause negative pressure to increase and penetrate, contaminants entering the machine, clogging the oil filter, oil separation core, cooling lubricant deterioration, and host wear. It is recommended to replace the filter element every 2000 hours to clean the filter element by dust blowing. Although it is helpful, the filter element is relatively fragile and easily damaged. After cleaning, the filter element is difficult to find. If the filter element is damaged, it is equivalent to filtration failure.

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