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Light Duty
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Light Duty

WLL series CNC Spinning and Turning Machine(Single Roller) is especially developed to spin lamps, lamps, art wares,kitchen wares and auto fittings. It has many patents issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.This machine is practical, professional and strong. It has high production efficiency and can complete horn, bucket, cone type, parabolic products. It can also process threading, trimming, flanging and rolling at the same machine tool. The machine can spin many materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel,aluminum and copper etc. It has solved the traditional problems such as lack of skilled workers. With advanced digital control, it is easy to operate. The machine can improve the production efficiency, machining accuracy and saving the cost of human resources. It is the ideal processing machine for light, automobile, military, mechanic and other manufacturing industries.

Product Description



Amount of Rollers


Max.Diameter of Material

Φ650 mm

Max.Length of Work Piece

400 mm

Thickness of Work Piece

0.5-2.0 mm(Aluminum,Copper)

0.5-1.0 mm(Carbon Steel)

0.5-1.0 mm(Stainless Steel)

X Trave

350 mm

Z Trave

420 mm

Spindle Speed

3000 rpm

Travel of Tailstock

300 mm

Amount of Tools


Main Motor Power

5.5 kw Servo

Positioning Accuracy


Light Duty Single Roller WLL-SRS650

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