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Common Basic Knowledge of CNC Spinning

Pulished on Jul. 29, 2020

Estimation of blank diameter for spinning processing

How to estimate the diameter of the material used for spinning, and a good method can effectively make an accurate quotation budget.

The quality of the blank is theoretically equal to the quality of the spinning product plus the loss during processing. Both:

Blank weight = spinning product weight + trimming loss + bottom trimming loss (weight of the bottom blank)

Trimming loss = spinning product weight * 1%

Cut bottom loss=√ ̄πr²tp

Blank diameter=2* Blank mass/pπt

Note: t is the material thickness and p is the material density.

The quality of spinning products can be directly weighed or measured using 3D modeling.

The principle and method of demoulding of spinning products

Usually, CNC spinning products are demoulded by air pressure. As shown in the picture on the right, after the product is processed, the machine tool releases air through the air blowing hole to form a certain air pressure in the spinning mold, and then after the tail top is loosened, the product will lose the tail top Because the air pressure accumulated in the blowing hole is greater than the outside air pressure of the product, the air pressure thrust will make the spinning product easily separate from the mold.

First, several factors affecting the demoulding of spinning products

1) Air pressure: Adjust the appropriate air pressure to control the demolding force to prevent the product from flying out and hitting the machine tool and causing damage.

2) Sticky material: Long-term mass production will cause the temperature of the mold and cutter wheel to rise because the melting point of aluminum is low.

The product is easy to bond with the mold and affects the product release. Before the product is processed, applying some butter on the outer wall of the mold is beneficial to the product release.

Second, the demoulding method of barrel spinning products

Straight barrel products generally have a large height. When the material and the mold are in close contact, it is difficult for the product to be demolded smoothly by air pressure. If conditions permit, a certain demolding angle can be designed on the mold. Or design the demolding thrust mechanism in the spinning mold.

CNC Spinning

Spinning processing often appears the solution of material return

First, reasons for the material return in spinning processing

1. The gap between the cutter wheel and the mold is too small during strong rotation, causing some materials to flow toward the top of the tail.

2. The hydraulic jacking force of the tail top is too small, and the backward force of the material is greater than the thrust of the tail top.

3. Excessive return of the forming tool path, resulting in the excessive flow of material to the tip of the tail

Second, when there is a material return in spinning forming, it can be judged from the following aspects:

1. The end material of the product will exceed the plane where the top of the end and the material are tightly attached.

2. There will be a certain gap between the end of the product and the end of the mold.

3. The end of the product will be partially bumpy.

According to the phenomenon of the above-mentioned material return to analyze the specific reasons for the material return, the problem of spinning material return can be solved.

The above information is provided by spinning lathe machine manufacturer.

CNC Spinning

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