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5 Axis Machining Center
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5 Axis Machining Center

●High performance, high precision


●Widely applicable to complex, multi-faceted, high-precision, multi-faceted processing of product parts/moulds/electrodes.

Suitable for high-quality processing of any material.


●Stable material selection and reliable performance

Product Description

X-axis travelmm600A-axis braking method
Air brake
Y-axis travelmm400The distance from the spindle end face to the worktable
Z-axis travelmm300Workbench(turntable) dimensionsmm260
X-axis rapid movement speem/min48Turntable load-bearingkg30
Y-axis rapid movement speedm/min48Spindle taper shank model spedifications
Z-axis rapid movement speedm/min48Spindle maximum speedrpm20000
X/Y/Z axis positioning accuracymm±0.008Spindle rated powerkw5.5
Repeatable positioning accuracy of X/Y/Z axismm±0.005Spindle rated torqueN.m11
A-axis travel( tilt axis)°±110Spindle maximum torqueN.m22
A-axis maximum speedrpm100Tool magazine form
Clamping artm type servo
A-axis rated torqueN.m110The number of tools held by the tool magazinepcs21
A-axis positioning accuracyarc8”Tool changing time(T-T)s4
A-axis repeat posiyioning accuracyarc6”Maximum tool lengthmm200
C-axis stroke(rotary axis)°360Maximum tool weightkg4
C-axis maximum speedrpm200Machine tool apperance dimensionsmm2350*2200*2400
C-axis rated torqueN.m30Machine weightkg3300
C-axis positioning accuracyarc6”Machine tool air requirementskg/cm36
C-axis repeat posiyioning accuracyarc4”Total machine powerkw15

5 Axis Machining Manufacturer|LeichMan:

Leichman with a stellar reputation , a leading manufacturer and supplier of 5 axis machining, holds the ISO9001 quality management system certification and adhering to CE standards, Leichman produces advanced CNC machine tools. Our precision processing and top-notch detection equipment, combined with a robust quality assurance system, ensure the production of high-quality products. , Leichman has successfully exported CNC machine tools to over 60 countries, serving more than 1000 satisfied customers worldwide.

Ease of Programming - Streamlining Operations:

At Leichman, our 5-axis machining solutions boast an unparalleled Ease of Programming, empowering operators to navigate intricate processes effortlessly. View our success case! Our CNC machine tools are equipped with cutting-edge technology, providing a user-friendly interface for efficient and precise programming. This ensures that even complex machining tasks are executed seamlessly, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Tooling and Workholding Compatibility - Versatility Redefined:

Leichman's commitment to versatility is evident in our CNC machine tools, which seamlessly integrate with various tooling and workholding solutions. The compatibility with standard tooling options allows for adaptability to diverse manufacturing needs. This versatility not only increases productivity but also enhances the flexibility to accommodate different workholding methods, catering to the unique requirements of our clients.

Accuracy and Precision - Engineering Excellence:

Leichman takes pride in delivering CNC machine tools that exemplify unparalleled Accuracy and Precision. Engineered with top-notch technology and adhering to strict quality control measures, our products ensure highly consistent and precise machining results. From raw materials to assembly, each stage undergoes rigorous testing for over 24 hours, guaranteeing reliability and precision in every finished machine.

Cooperated with 5 axis machining manufacturer LeichMan:

Choose Leichman, the 5-axis machining manufacturer and supplier with a proven track record. Benefit from our professional R&D team, global presence, ISO-certified factory, and a commitment to engineering excellence. Enjoy 7*24 pre-sale services, a 2-year quality assurance guarantee, and export-standard packaging for secure transportation. Leichman stands ready for a rapid 8-hour after-sale response, online training, or on-site engineer support.

Elevate your machining capabilities with Leichman – Your Trusted Partner for Precision and Performance in 5-axis Machining!

5 axis machining manufacturer&supplier

5 axis machining manufacturer&supplier

5 axis machining manufacturer&supplier


Disk diameter


Center height


Disk height


T-slot width


Axial direction

Rotary axis(C axis)

Tilt axis(A axis)

Rotation angle



Torque motor



Maximum speed



Continuous torque



Maximum working torque



Braking method

Air pressure(6bar)

Braking torque



Allowable load


lNon-contact laser tool setter

lCan detect tool problems such as tool length, tool diameter, tool tip breakage, and thermal deformation of processing tools

lTool measurement repeatability can reach ±1.0㎛

lProtection level up to IPX8

    5 axis machining manufacturer&supplier

           5 axis machining manufacturer&supplier

lSuitable for automatic workpiece alignment and inspection on machine tools

lCan quickly center the blank workpiece on the machine tool

lCollect XYZ surface absolute position data at a speed of 1000 points per second

lCan measure complex 2D dimensions and 3D surface absolute positions at high speed

lProbe head repeated measurement error 1.00um (480mm/min)

5 axis machining manufacturer&supplier

5 axis machining manufacturer&supplier

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