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5 Axis Machining Center
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5 Axis Machining Center

●High performance, high precision


●Widely applicable to complex, multi-faceted, high-precision, multi-faceted processing of product parts/moulds/electrodes.

Suitable for high-quality processing of any material.


●Stable material selection and reliable performance

Product Description

X-axis travelmm500A-axis braking method
Air brake
Y-axis travelmm700The distance from the spindle end face to the worktable
Z-axis travelmm400Workbench(turntable) dimensionsmm350
X-axis rapid movement speem/min15Turntable load-bearingkg100
Y-axis rapid movement speedm/min15Spindle taper shank model spedifications
Z-axis rapid movement speedm/min15Spindle maximum speedrpm18000
X/Y/Z axis positioning accuracymm±0.005Spindle rated powerkw15
Repeatable positioning accuracy of X/Y/Z axismm±0.003Spindle rated torqueN.m18
A-axis travel( tilt axis)°±110Spindle maximum torqueN.m22
A-axis maximum speedrpm60Tool magazine form
Knife arm type one servo
A-axis rated torqueN.m557The number of tools held by the tool magazinepcs24
A-axis positioning accuracyarc8”Tool changing time(T-T)s2.5
A-axis repeat posiyioning accuracyarc6”Maximum tool lengthmm250
C-axis stroke(rotary axis)°360Maximum tool weightkg8
C-axis maximum speedrpm150Machine tool apperance dimensionsmm3600*2600*2700
C-axis rated torqueN.m253Machine weightkg6300
C-axis positioning accuracyarc8”Machine tool air requirementskg/cm36
C-axis repeat posiyioning accuracyarc6”Total machine powerkw30

Competitive Five Axis CNC Machine Prices LeichMan

LeichMan offers competitive prices for its Five-Axis CNC Machines, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality and performance. Here are some key factors that contribute to the competitiveness of LeichMan's Five-Axis CNC Machine prices:

●Value for Investment:

LeichMan is dedicated to providing customers with excellent value for their investment. Our Five-Axis CNC Machines are priced competitively while offering advanced features, precision, and reliability, making them a cost-effective solution for manufacturers.

●Direct Manufacturing and Sales:

As a vertically integrated company, LeichMan manages the entire process from research and development to manufacturing and sales. This vertical integration eliminates unnecessary intermediaries, allowing us to offer competitive prices directly to our customers.

●Efficient Production Processes:

LeichMan employs efficient and streamlined production processes, optimizing resource utilization and minimizing production costs. These efficiencies contribute to keeping the overall cost of manufacturing our Five-Axis CNC Machines competitive in the market.

●Global Reach and Scale:

With a presence in over 60 countries and serving more than 1000 customers worldwide, LeichMan benefits from economies of scale. This global reach allows us to leverage our production capacity effectively, spreading fixed costs and offering competitive pricing to our diverse customer base.

●Customer-Centric Approach:

LeichMan values its customers and understands the importance of offering competitive pricing. Our customer-centric approach focuses on building long-term relationships, and part of this commitment involves providing cost-effective solutions that meet the varying needs of our clients.

●Quality Assurance at Every Level:

Despite competitive pricing, LeichMan maintains a stringent quality assurance system at every stage of manufacturing. Our commitment to quality ensures that customers receive reliable, high-performance Five-Axis CNC Machines that meet or exceed industry standards.

●Transparency and Fair Pricing:

LeichMan believes in transparency and fair business practices. Our pricing structure is clear, and we strive to provide customers with the best possible value for their investment. There are no hidden costs, and customers can trust that they are getting a fair deal.

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LeichMan's competitive Five-Axis CNC Machine prices are a result of a strategic combination of efficient manufacturing processes, global scale, a customer-centric approach, and a commitment to delivering high-quality machining solutions at an affordable cost. Contact us right now get favorable price!




Disk diameter


Center height


Disk height


T-slot width


Axial direction

Rotary axis(C axis)

Tilt axis(A axis)

Rotation angle



Torque motor



Maximum speed



Continuous torque



Maximum working torque



Braking method

Air pressure(6bar)

Braking torque



Allowable load


lNon-contact laser tool setter

lCan detect tool problems such as tool length, tool diameter, tool tip breakage, and thermal deformation of processing tools

lTool measurement repeatability can reach ±1.0㎛

lProtection level up to IPX8

    Five Axis CNC Machine Prices

           Five Axis CNC Machine Prices

lSuitable for automatic workpiece alignment and inspection on machine tools

lCan quickly center the blank workpiece on the machine tool

lCollect XYZ surface absolute position data at a speed of 1000 points per second

lCan measure complex 2D dimensions and 3D surface absolute positions at high speed

lProbe head repeated measurement error 1.00um (480mm/min)

Five Axis CNC Machine Prices

Five Axis CNC Machine Prices

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