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5 Axis Machining Center
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5 Axis Machining Center

●High performance, high precision


●Widely applicable to complex, multi-faceted, high-precision, multi-faceted processing of product parts/moulds/electrodes.

Suitable for high-quality processing of any material.


●Stable material selection and reliable performance

Product Description

X-axis travelmm400A-axis braking method
Air brake
Y-axis travelmm650The distance from the spindle end face to the worktable
Z-axis travelmm250Workbench(turntable) dimensionsmm260
X-axis rapid movement speem/min15Turntable load-bearingkg30
Y-axis rapid movement speedm/min15Spindle taper shank model spedifications
Z-axis rapid movement speedm/min15Spindle maximum speedrpm30000
X/Y/Z axis positioning accuracymm±0.008Spindle rated powerkw7.5
Repeatable positioning accuracy of X/Y/Z axismm±0.005Spindle rated torqueN.m6.8
A-axis travel( tilt axis)°±110Spindle maximum torqueN.m10
A-axis maximum speedrpm100Tool magazine form
D-shaped servo
A-axis rated torqueN.m110The number of tools held by the tool magazinepcs14
A-axis positioning accuracyarc8”Tool changing time(T-T)s4
A-axis repeat posiyioning accuracyarc6”Maximum tool lengthmm200
C-axis stroke(rotary axis)°360Maximum tool weightkg4
C-axis maximum speedrpm200Machine tool apperance dimensionsmm2350*2200*2400
C-axis rated torqueN.m30Machine weightkg3400
C-axis positioning accuracyarc6”Machine tool air requirementskg/cm36
C-axis repeat posiyioning accuracyarc4”Total machine powerkw10

Leiman Multi-Axis Machining Center Advantages

Leiman's Multi-Axis Machining Center stands out in the market, offering a range of advantages that cater to the diverse needs of precision machining. Here are the key benefits that set Leiman apart:

●Unparalleled Precision:

Leiman's Multi-Axis Machining Center is engineered with precision in mind. The advanced technology and meticulous craftsmanship ensure high accuracy in every machining operation. This precision is crucial for industries demanding intricate and flawless components.

●Versatile Multi-Axis Capability:

Our machining center is equipped with advanced multi-axis functionality, allowing for the simultaneous movement of multiple axes. This versatility enables the machining of complex geometries and intricate parts in a single setup, reducing production time and increasing efficiency.

●Efficient 5-Axis Control Systems:

Leiman takes pride in its state-of-the-art 5-Axis control systems, providing operators with the flexibility and control needed for intricate machining tasks. The optimized control systems enhance the overall performance of the machining center, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.

●Optimized Five-Axis Programming Software:

Leiman's Multi-Axis Machining Center is powered by cutting-edge five-axis programming software. This software streamlines the programming process, making it user-friendly and efficient. Operators can easily program complex toolpaths, leading to enhanced productivity and reduced setup times.

●Enhanced Surface Finish and Quality:

The combination of precision engineering and advanced control systems results in superior surface finish on machined components. Leiman's Multi-Axis Machining Center consistently delivers high-quality, finely finished parts, meeting the stringent standards of industries that demand excellence.

●Adaptable to Various Materials:

Whether machining metals, plastics, or composites, Leiman's Multi-Axis Machining Center showcases its adaptability. The robust design and cutting-edge technology enable the machining of a wide range of materials, providing manufacturers with the flexibility to handle diverse projects.

●High-Speed Cutting Platforms:

Leiman prioritizes efficiency in machining operations. Our Multi-Axis Machining Center features high-speed cutting platforms, reducing cycle times without compromising precision. This ensures optimal productivity and cost-effectiveness for our clients.

●Reliable and Robust Construction:

The machining center is built with durability in mind. Leiman's commitment to quality materials and robust construction ensures the longevity of the equipment, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Leiman's Multi-Axis Machining Center offers a comprehensive solution for industries requiring precision, versatility, and efficiency in their machining processes. Learn more about us!
With advanced features and a commitment to quality, Leiman stands as a reliable choice for manufacturers seeking superior machining capabilities. Contact us!





Disk diameter


Center height


Disk height


T-slot width


Axial direction

Rotary axis(C axis)

Tilt axis(A axis)

Rotation angle



Torque motor



Maximum speed



Continuous torque



Maximum working torque



Braking method

Air pressure(6bar)

Braking torque



Allowable load


lNon-contact laser tool setter

lCan detect tool problems such as tool length, tool diameter, tool tip breakage, and thermal deformation of processing tools

lTool measurement repeatability can reach ±1.0㎛

lProtection level up to IPX8

     Multi Axis Machining Center

            Multi Axis Machining Center

lSuitable for automatic workpiece alignment and inspection on machine tools

lCan quickly center the blank workpiece on the machine tool

lCollect XYZ surface absolute position data at a speed of 1000 points per second

lCan measure complex 2D dimensions and 3D surface absolute positions at high speed

lProbe head repeated measurement error 1.00um (480mm/min)

 Multi Axis Machining Center

 Multi Axis Machining Center



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